We promise to keep you refreshed and healthy with our pure bottled water.

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uBuhleBakhe Water

Keeping you refreshed and healthy with every drop!

Our Mission is to keep you refreshed and healthy with our pure bottled water, that will leave you with a smooth, clean and healthy taste.

uBuhleBakhe is 100% pure and natural prepared mineral (still and sparkling) water. Our water has been purified through reverse osmosis, a process which removes 99.7% of all the dissolved solids from the water.  This leaves the water with a smooth, clean and healthy taste.  uBuhleBakhe water is healthier than normal tap water for your body because it contains no chemicals or preservatives and its minerals give it a high pH7.8 level.

Our products come in different size water bottles. Water Dispensers are also provided as per our customers’ needs.


Water allows the body to absorb and assimilate minerals, vitamins, amino acids, glucose, and other substances.


Water plays many important roles in the body including flushing waste from the body, regulating body temperature, transportation of nutrients and is necessary for digestion.


Water helps in excreting waste from our body through sweat, urination, and defecation. So replenishing the water in our body is essential in order to prevent dehydration.


Water delivers important nutrients to all of our cells, especially muscle cells, postponing muscle fatigue.


Water is important to our everyday life and key to our survival.


Water carries nutrients to all cells in our body and oxygen to our brain.


Water helps to regulate body temperature.


Water hydrates and keeps skin healthy.


Water boots energy.


Water detoxifies.


Water helps weight loss.


Water flushes out toxins and waste.

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Our Vision

uBuhleBakhe Water is about providing residential, commercial, and industrial sectors of the economy with comfort in terms of high quality, purified bottled water, that contains no chemicals or preservatives. Through women empowerment, we want to make a marked impact, firstly on the communities around us (then later to the rest of the continent) by providing everyone with the best, clean and affordable water. 

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