We promise to keep you refreshed and healthy with our pure bottled water.

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Our Story

uBuhleBakhe water is a subsidiary company started from very humble beginnings. The holding company named 4 Bontle Buhle Bakhe Projects Pty Ltd was registered and has been in existence since 2014.

uBuhleBakhe Water is the 1st of the many subsidiaries still to be registered under Bontle Buhle Bakhe Projects Pty Ltd. This is a Legacy that Colleen is building for her daughter and all future generations to come.

The Name “Buhle” is taken from the Director’s daughter’s name Nobuhle. The Name “Bakhe” is about God and His sovereignty; His love, grace and mercy , (including His wonders and miracles) that the family has seen in their lives. Notwithstanding all the challenges, hardships, trials and tribulations that they have faced, the family has continued to see God’s Hand upon their lives. Hence the subsidiary company name uBuhleBakhe, meaning God’s Beauty and Goodness.

Meet our CEO & Founder

Colleen Makola is a Business Executive and an Entrepreneur, Inspirational Public Speaker, God-fearing & born-again Christian, a mother & dedicated family woman, who describes her purpose in life as transforming lives, assisting others to reach their goals through moral and financial support.

Colleen has come a long way since her humble beginnings as a child (amongst six other siblings), having lost her mother whilst she was still at high school, raised by her dad (who also passed on when Colleen was 28yrs old). Through childhood hardships and having to finance herself for her own studies, Colleen learnt to be a self-starter, a highly committed person with a strong and assertive personality. She is a woman of integrity, who loves people – and it shows; she has a good sense of humour combined with a confident approach. She is a diverse positive team player, most friendly, respectable and approachable person with good leadership skills. 

Our Mission is to keep you refreshed and healthy with our pure bottled water, that will leave you with a smooth, clean and healthy taste.